The 7 best things about changing careers

Voices - 19 June 2017

We asked a few of our participants to share why changing careers to become a teacher has been the best decision they have ever made.

Since the Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu Leadership Development Programme began (back in 2013), many of our participants have taken the leap to change careers and teach. Below are 7 reasons why changing careers to become a teacher has been the best decision they have ever made.

1. You get to be creative & innovative every single day

No one day is ever the same in teaching, you’re constantly adapting and learning and creating new fresh ways to engage a room full of students. "Your brain needs novelty to grow, so let it grow!" - Cris Cucerzan (Cohort 2014)

2. You’re joining a community of like-minded people

In his blog "It still takes a village to raise a child", Lance Cash (Cohort 2015) wrote that "truly transformative change is not made by individuals, but by communities of people who are committed to a dream and are working together to make that a reality". When you join the Teach First NZ whānau you are joining a community of people that are all committed to the same mission- seeing that all young people in Aotearoa New Zealand reach their full potential, regardless of their background.

3. You’ll have a job full of laughter

Watch how William Chen (Cohort 2016) made one of his lessons rather entertaining.


4. You'll be challenged

"In all capacities of your emotional and professional being you will be challenged, not only for your own personal gain, but for teenagers who need someone to champion their success, and help them build their future." - Sophie Barr (Cohort 2016)

5. You’ll get the best holidays

You'll have never worked harder than you do in those 10-week stints, but then you'll find the roses have never smelt sweeter than during those invaluable 2-week end of term respites and long summer breaks.

6. You'll be a champion

Working for the youth and walking alongside the next generation of Aotearoa’s leaders is inspiring! You will wake up every morning knowing that you are going to teach and interact with funny, caring, delightful students. "Students are the future, our future leaders, and with the opportunity to learn, and establish core values, they can be the greatest future leaders." - Waikaraka Ruwhiu-Tom (Cohort 2017)

7. You'll have the best work stories

"You will be the highlight of every dinner party, because NO ONE has better work stories!" - Sarah Watt (Cohort 2014)

For example...


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