Teaching Jobs Auckland

Teaching Jobs Auckland

Jan 05, 2023 - Publications

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is our nation's biggest city, with over 500 schools serving the young people of the diverse (yet too often segregated and unequal) suburbs and communities that make up this big mosaic of a place. Interested in teaching in Tāmaki Makaurau? Find out more about the teaching jobs landscape in Auckland:

A (re)introduction to Auckland:

Tāmaki Makaurau is, by name, the land of a thousand lovers. With the colonial name of Auckland layered on top of an existing lifeworld, this place is a city rich in natural features on an isthmus between two seas, dotted with volcanic maunga and currently home to over 1.6 million people - who possess both local and diasporic heritages. Auckland is often referred to as 'the largest Pacific city in the world.' While there are many different treasured cultures and groups that make up the city, being a school teacher in Auckland requires a nuanced understanding of cultural and economic diversity. In Island Time: New Zealand’s Pacific Futures, historian Damon Salesa points out that:

Auckland is not a Pacific city as much as it is a city that contains another, Pacific, city. Most Aucklanders, especially most Pākehā Aucklanders, simply live as neighbours, and typically distant neighbours, to Pacific people and their Pacific city. Auckland is better understood as a mosaic, a mosaic comprised of often highly segregated or concentrated neighbourhoods, of ethnoburbs and suburbs. These neighbourhoods, if they are Pacific neighbourhoods, are highly likely to experience ‘extreme concentration’ and deprivation.

Salesa also warns against prideful use of the term 'diversity' when describing Auckland, as it is a label that is too "distant from the actual lived experience of people: it is important to remember that diversity is ‘not innocent miscellany.’” Auckland schools are often representative products of the segregated or concentrated neighbourhoods that Salesa describes. At the same time, our city's schools have the potential to push against segregation, with many different demographics of young people and their families learning and playing side by side.

The teaching jobs landscape in Auckland:

Auckland is a great place to teach because of the large network of schools, as well as the proximity to cultural and environmental hubs that the city has to offer. Teaching in Auckland brings many opportunities to plan extra-curricular activities and trips with students. There are also many fellow teachers and professional associations with whom to network and collaborate with in such a large city, enhancing the impact of your teaching and enriching your career experience.

Demand for teachers is high in Auckland. Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is Aotearoa’s most rapidly growing region, with the city's population likely to reach 2 million in the next decade. "Auckland" covers the city's metropolitan area as well as smaller towns, rural areas, and islands such as Waiheke Island. On account of having the largest population and economy of any area of Aotearoa (across the second smallest land area), the teaching jobs landscape in Auckland is fruitful. A high concentration of population and growth means that Auckland is home to the greatest number of schools, and the highest teaching workforce.

Not from Auckland? If you are an overseas-trained teacher, or a teacher returning to Aotearoa, there may be funding available to help with your move, in the form of a relocation grant. Teachers moving from another area within New Zealand may also be eligible to receive a payment from the Ministry of Education to assist with moving costs.

a man at his teaching job in auckland

Pictured above: Bronson Moeātea-Seiuli teaching a group at Tangaroa College, Auckland

Tips for landing a teaching job in Auckland:

Apply for advertised positions via the Education Gazette (the official online hub where all teaching positions in Aotearoa are advertised), making sure to filter for your preferred teaching subject(s).

Think about who you are serving, and always put the wellbeing and growth of young people at the centre of your teaching philosophy and application focus.

It is great to serve your own community and bring embedded knowledge to your role - check out the schools in your own neighbourhood and see if there are ways you can further get to know the local school community.

Vacancies may not always be available in your local school, so it pays to be open to areas outside your own residential suburb, too. This can be a wonderful chance to get outside your own 'bubble' and be of service in a different part of town, growing meaningful connections and trust over time.

In a nutshell:

1. Find a role via the Education Gazette

2. Write a cover letter that is tailored to the particular school's values and ethos

3. Make sure that your CV is up-to-date, with the most relevant qualifications, recent job experience, and interests/achievements

4. Follow a school’s recruitment process (phone interview, in person interview, etc.)

5. Make sure that your New Zealand teaching registration and certification is valid (or in process) with the Teaching Council

6. Complete your Education Payroll Salary Assessment, if relevant (applicable to new teachers and to those teachers that have gained additional qualifications)

Unqualified? Get qualified with Ako Mātātupu:

Ako Mātātupu serves the education needs of students in communities made unfairly vulnerable by structural inequities. Our participant teachers learn on the job in a structured and supportive two-year programme, while being paid a salary.

At the end of their employment-based training our graduates come out with a fees-free Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, a lifelong sense of connection to their fellow trainees, and a kete of culturally-sustaining pedagogies that make them effective teachers and leaders in many domains.

Most of our Kairapu (alumni) remain teaching in secondary schools long after the programme. For our participants it is about finding or maintaining a fire for social justice via education, as well as experiencing true joy to be working alongside rangatahi.

Our participants find employment all around the country, but Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland remains the largest location for employment-based training roles. Find out more about joining Cohort 2024, kicking off in November 2023 for Summer Intensive training, before starting jobs in the new school year.

Do you have questions about our programme, or about teaching in general? Feel free to contact us or call 0800 865323 to talk to our knowledgeable team. Ngā mihi!

teaching graduates looking for teaching jobs in auckland

Pictured above: Carmel-Maria Savaiinaea, Viniece McIntyre, and other talented members of our most recent graduating cohort of teachers.

Auckland needs caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy bringing out the best in young people. Join us!

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