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It’s a cold reality in Aotearoa New Zealand that not all young people reach their full potential. Individual and other philanthropic support helps Ako Mātātupu: Teach First NZ work towards changing this and achieving the vision of equality.

Since Ako Mātātupu’s inception, we have been supported by leading organisations spanning a range of fields. We believe our vision can only be achieved by working together with others, and the partnerships we have formed represent the collaborative nature of our work.

Ako Mātātupu is a cross-sector initiative. We work with the Ministry of Education, tertiary organisations, philanthropic foundations, businesses, schools and other not-for-profit organisations who help us work towards the vision of all young people realising their potential. While our flagship programme receives important support from the Ministry of Education, we also rely on assistance in the form of grants, pro bono services, and programme partners to ensure that we can continue our work to expand educational opportunity in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We would love to engage with more philanthropic organisations, New Zealand businesses and other not-for-profit organisations who share the same vision as us.

Interested in supporting Ako Mātātupu? Please get in touch with our Director of Strategy and Operations, Liam Munday ([email protected]), or Fundraising Coordinator, Patricia Bell ([email protected]). We would love the opportunity to discuss our goals with you and how you might play a part in achieving them.

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Our supporters


Your donation can help us achieve our vision.

The Teach First New Zealand Trust is a registered charity CC46327 so all donations are tax deductible.

You can donate using your credit card through the link below or via bank transfer.

If donating via New Zealand bank transfer please transfer to ASB account 12-3209-0466841-00 in the name of Teach First New Zealand Trust. For international transfers, ASB Bank's SWIFT Code / BIC is ASBBNZ2A and the account information above.


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The aim of our work is to help all children to fulfil their potential, by disrupting the inequities that exist in education and in society.

This is a big aim. It’s one we know we aren’t working towards alone, and that will take a long time to achieve.

Through our flagship programme, we contribute to achieving this vision by attracting more great people into the education sector who are committed to the same vision as us; supporting them to grow in the knowledge and skills about teaching and leadership that can help them make a difference; and keeping them connected long-term as Kairapu, to make an increasing difference together for children.

Through our flagship programme we have:

  • Recruited and trained over 300 teachers, including 60+ Māori, and 40+ Pasifika teachers
  • Supported 100+ secondary schools serving low-income communities across Aotearoa
  • Become the single largest recruiter of Māori and Pacific educators in New Zealand, as well as the largest recruiter of STEM educators
  • Have collaborated with school principals to initiate a pathway to the Teach First NZ Programme for community leaders who don’t meet the traditional entry criteria to train to become fully qualified teachers
  • Grown a research base and have evidence that a significant proportion of programme participants would not have entered the education sector without going through the Teach First NZ Programme
  • Maintained one of the highest completion rates of all teacher training programmes offered in New Zealand
Our impact

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