Submission to Ministerial Advisory Group

Publications - 31 July 2013

In May 2013, the Government announced its next phase of consultation on transforming the New Zealand Teachers Council into a professional body fit for the 21st Century.

This next phase involves a  Ministerial Advisory Group, appointed by the Government, to lead the consultation with both the education sector and the public.

The Education Minister says that the goal of this consultation process is to ultimately develop a skilled, ethical, well-researched and well-led professional body for the education sector- and that submissions from individuals and groups from within the education sector itself are required to achieve this.

Teach First NZ was invited to make a submission to the Ministerial Advisory Group regarding the future of the Teachers Council, which focusses on four key themes; a new professional body, the regulatory framework for teachers, the disciplinary framework, and resourcing to support a strong, professional body.


Read the government's media statement here.

Read Teach First NZ's submission to the Ministerial Advisory Group here.