Sixty school students participate in Teach First NZ’s summer school

News items - 13 January 2014

The Teach First NZ 2014 cohort completed their first mini Summer School teaching practicum last week as part of their Summer Initial Intensive.

The Summer School took place from Monday to Friday last week, and saw over 60 High School students from Auckland Grammar School’s In-Zone Project and Tangaroa College streaming in to the University of Auckland’s Epsom Campus each morning, where the classes were held. The Summer School is supported by the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate.

The mini Summer School provided our participants the opportunity to apply their recently acquired knowledge to a classroom setting, preparing and delivering their lesson plans and learning outcomes to the students; drawing their knowledge and practices together to create an effective preparation for their teaching journey ahead. The school students enjoyed their time on campus and are looking forward to their school year ahead!