Second independent evaluation report published

News items - Publications - 10 September 2015

The second independent evaluation report of the Teach First NZ programme has been published by NZCER, and the findings continue to be positive.

According to the report, the key successful elements of the Teach First NZ programme are:

  1. The robust selection process resulting in high-calibre participants
  2. The responsiveness of the programme, in part made possible because of the small size of the programme, but also a consequence of the robust partnership between Teach First NZ and the University of Auckland Faculty of Education
  3. Effective support and mentoring for participants from the school and partnership personnel
  4. Immersion in the classroom, coupled with opportunities for participants’ critical reflection on themselves and their teaching.

In their concluding discussion section of the report, the evaluators wrote “One of the things that became clearer to us this year is the extent to which participants are being prepared as 21st century future-focussed teachers: they are confident about opening up their classrooms and their practice to ongoing scrutiny; they are fluent users of digital technology in teaching and learning; they are skilled at critical reflection; they collect and use assessment data confidently and competently to improve learning; and, as one LAS (learning area specialist) said, they are ‘proactive in their approach to implementing research driven learning programmes’”.

“Principals [of Cohort 14 participants] commented that participants quickly developed a ‘presence’ in the school, in the classroom and outside, making an impact with their energy and fresh approach, resilience and ‘can do’ attitude”. The evaluators wrote that “in every school we heard positive examples of things that participants were doing, such as bringing strong disciplinary knowledge, ‘providing a safe environment’, relating well to students, and contributing to department meetings”.

The evaluators found that participants are “very strong ambassadors” for secondary teaching in New Zealand.  “Three quarters of Cohort 13 participants thought Teach First NZ had a positive impact on the perceived status of teaching as a competitive profession”.

Other findings, as quoted from the report, include:

 -  Participants are very strong ambassadors for the programme, including the mission of reducing educational inequalities, and for secondary teaching in New Zealand.

 -  Almost all participants have achieved highly, have supported their students to do well, including in NCEA, and intend to stay in teaching at least in the short term.

Read the whole report here.