Kiran Gill, Teach First (UK)

Voices - 20 April 2012

Kiran Gill teaches at Bethnal Green Technology College, a London school in a low-income community that has seen significant transformation over the last ten years despite facing many difficult challenges.

Watch the video above to find out how participating in the Teach First programme in the UK has challenged Kiran's assumptions about educational disadvantage and about the importance of teaching, and how she has made a lasting and positive impact on her students' lives. 

An inspirational principal and committed teachers have ensured that disadvantage in the community has not led to pupil failure. Based on published tables, in 2011 Bethnal Green Technology College would rank as the most improved school in England. Working alongside other teachers and school staff, Teach First participants have contributed to the transformation of this school and its students.

The Teach For All global network, which includes among many others Teach First and Teach First NZ, works collaboratively to ensure that no child's educational success is limited by their socioeconomic background. We believe that the scale of change needed will only be achieved through the collective effort of leaders in classrooms, schools, communities, and throughout society.