Fuji Xerox visits Teach First NZ partner school

News items - Partner stories - 13 June 2014

Fuji Xerox, one of Teach First NZ's corporate supporters, visited one of Teach First NZ's partner schools this week.

A team of three from Fuji Xerox had the opportunity to see the programme in action first-hand, visiting William Watling's classroom during his Year 9 English lesson. William is a member of the 2014 Cohort and is currently teaching Year 9, 10 and 12 English classes.

Representatives from Fuji Xerox were Steven Caunce (Corporate Affairs Manager), Emily Gardner (Education & Marketing Account Manager), and Matthew Treadwell (Strategic Account Sales Manager). Teach First NZ staff Shaun Sutton (Chief Executive) and Kaitlyn Irving (Operations & Communications Coordinator) also took part in the school visit.

In William's classroom, the team from Fuji Xerox led an activity where students were asked to promote a multi-function photocopier to their fellow classmates, with an emphasis on being creative and using plenty of adjectives. Each member of the winning student team took away a pair of Bluetooth speakers, gifted by Fuji Xerox.

In addition to observing and participating in a classroom setting, the visitors also met with the school's Principal and William's programme coordinator.

Fuji Xerox has supported Teach First NZ since its founding in 2011, and is a leading supporter of education more broadly in New Zealand.

Steven and Matthew explain the activity to the class.


William checks on the groups as they get creative.


William closes off the lesson.