Francesca Lee, 2013 Cohort (Chemistry)

Voices - 1 February 2013

Born and bred in West Auckland, Francesca is currently teaching Chemistry/Science at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate in Otara, Auckland. Teach First NZ aligned with Francesca's aspirations to make a real contribution to the local community.

Born and bred in West Auckland, Francesca graduated from Massey High School and subsequently pursued tertiary study at The University of Auckland. Initially she aimed to complete a conjoint degree majoring in Chemistry and Japanese, however she added Education as a third major as she believed in its transformative and humanising nature. Seeking transformative educational opportunities led her to work with young people at Manurewa Intermediate as a MATES mentor in a programme run in partnership by Great Potentials and The University of Auckland. She has also participated in a number of other opportunities, including school based, whānau and community leadership roles.

“I had a fantastic lecturer in my Education course who really nurtured my interest in teaching and particularly inspired me in terms of the challenges faced by schools serving low income communities. Teach First NZ aligned with my aspirations and offered me the chance to make a real contribution, providing an exciting challenge, and, through the experience, the opportunity to grow and develop a broad range of skills”.

Francesca discovered in Teach First NZ an amalgamation of her passions and interests in a professional context. She is excited about the challenge of Teach First NZ - the prospect of contributing to tackle educational inequality is tremendous. To have the opportunity to serve those who face challenges, and have the chance to share positivity, knowledge, hope and courage with others is an amazing privilege. Francesca hopes to take on this challenge, share the journey with many, while growing, learning and developing to be the best person and leader she can be along the way.