Following the C17 Journey: Denyce Su’a

Voices - 20 January 2017

Participants of Cohort 2017 share their part of the journey on the Teach First NZ Programme. From the Summer Initial Intensive beginning November 2016 and right up to the end of 2018 when they complete their two years on the programme, we will hear from different participants to gain insights into their schools and communities.

Week 8 of the Summer Initial Intensive, as told by Denyce Su'a. Denyce, along with her fellow Cohort 2017 participants has just finished off the 8 week Summer Initial Intensive, with the finale being teaching at a week long Summer School for around 150 Auckland high school students. Denyce is about to begin her two years of teaching English (and most likely a little drama on the side!) at Southern Cross Campus. With a taste of classroom life, read on for what she has to say!

Adventure awaits…
Denyce Su'a

There is something truly magical about being in a space occupied by future change makers, leaders, risk takers and groundbreakers.  That’s what being in a classroom feels like to me. Last week during our teaching practicum, I made survival kete with my year 9 students. They were fresh to Auckland, fresh to high school and we wanted to send them on their way equipped with some techniques, tips, and tricks to make that journey a little easier. I’m extremely proud of my cohort and myself for having survived the undertaking that is the ‘Summer Initial Intensive’. The next part of this story is stepping into our schools and facing the challenge of being actual teachers in front of actual students. Standing in a similar position now to my students from last week, on the verge of a new adventure, these are some of the glorious things I’m packing into my survival kete for the next two years:

A smile
A lion
A playlist of Adele and Aaradhna
“Anything you want to do, you can do” – My dad
“Try not to scare the kids” – My mum
Hunger for knowledge
Passion to share that knowledge
Post it notes in a million different colours
Whiteboard markers
A pencil case that leads to Narnia
The complete works of John Hattie
The box set of both Sister Act movies
The soundtrack to Moana
Curiosity to explore
Courage to try to new things
Band-Aids to fix myself up when I fall
And bravery to keep going
Whāia te pae tawhiti, whāia kia tata. Whāia te pae tata, whakamaua kia tīna!

Pursue the distant goal, pursue it until it is close. Take small steps to reach your destination.


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