Deloitte and Teach First NZ

Partner stories - 10 January 2012

Deloitte is one of Teach First NZ’s Founding Partners, and has been supporting the organisation since its earliest inception in 2011.

Deloitte supports Teach For All programmes globally through its Deloitte21 programme, aimed at helping disadvantaged young people acquire the education and skills they need to thrive in the 21st-century economy.

“I’m so pleased to see Deloitte21 and Teach For All joining forces to focus on improving educational equity in all corners of the globe. The Deloitte network’s firm commitment to addressing the achievement gap is a testament to our belief that every child deserves a quality education”.
David Williams, CEO of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP (U.S.)

In New Zealand, Deloitte currently provides Teach First NZ with pro bono accounting and advisory services, as well as office space within its building on Auckland’s Queen Street. Following the programme’s launch in late 2012, Deloitte will become more involved in the complementary leadership strand for participants, and is interested in working with Teach First NZ alumni after they complete the programme. Deloitte and Teach First NZ are also partnering together in graduate recruitment.

“Completing the Teach First NZ programme is clear evidence that participants have the drive and dedication to become outstanding leaders.”
Paul Smith – People & Performance, Deloitte (NZ)

In the UK, Deloitte has been a Platinum sponsor of Teach First since 2005, providing support, resources and strategic advice not only through financial sponsorship but through a high level of time and commitment from their staff.
There are also a number of Teach First ambassadors [alumni] working for the firm across a number of departments, all of whom are still involved with Teach First and addressing educational inequality through initiatives such as mentoring, school trusteeship, or running employability skills workshops for Teach First schools.

“The skills Teach First participants gain – team working, improved communication skills, and the ability to plan projects, motivate people and solve problems – are the abilities that we look for in the individuals we employ. We are committed to education and the community and partnering with Teach First builds on our wider education programmes”.
Sarah Shillingford, Graduate Recruitment Partner, Deloitte (UK)

One such Ambassador working at Deloitte is Sangeeta Siva, who studied Electronic Engineering and taught Mathematics in London.

“I was really impressed by the list of sponsors and the business networking and internship opportunities available through Teach First, and after the programme I joined Deloitte. The partner who interviewed me was fascinated by Teach First and convinced that my experience was transferable.

The core competencies of a management career are things that we address every day as teachers. So, for example, when I was asked for evidence of organisational skills I could talk about lesson plans incorporating all the varying levels of ability within your class. If they wanted to know about communication skills I talked about dealing with a variety of people from students to staff and parents. And when it comes to motivating, then almost everything you do as a teacher is about influencing behaviour.

Looking back I think I’m much more confident than I was before the programme and less fazed when things go wrong. I also think I’m better at dealing with clients and much more comfortable with taking on responsibility. As a Teach First ambassador I have negotiated time off work to go back to my school and take some Deloitte staff with me. I'm committed to remaining engaged with education over the long-term.”

Sangeeta Siva, Teach First Ambassador and Associate at Deloitte