2014 Mid-Year Intensive and noho marae

News items - 18 July 2014

Teach First NZ participants, from both the 2013 and 2014 cohorts, completed their three-day Mid-Year Intensive (MYI) last week.

The MYI began with a noho (overnight stay) at the beautiful Waipapa Marae in Auckland, where the group deeply engaged with Treaty of Waitangi principles underpinning our society and education system. The participants were also joined by some of their own family members and Teach First NZ staff, who were keen to keep in tune with participants’ learning journeys and to take the opportunity to deepen their own.

Anticipation turned into deep concentration as the Teach First NZ whānau dove into issues of the Treaty with the help of engaging and knowledgeable guest speakers Alison Jones from the University of Auckland and Christine Herzog from the Treaty Resource Centre. Ngāti Whātua leaders, Clay Hawke, Wyllis Maihi and Rangimarie Rawiri, were also invited to share their personal and iwi reflections.   

Both participants and staff left Waipapa Marae brimming with food for thought – how to better themselves, how to be more culturally aware, how to be more effective teachers and less quick to jump to negative conclusions or stereotypes. They also left feeling more connected to each other, to the past, the present and to their goals and dreams for themselves and New Zealand’s future.

Finally, after further workshops and reflections at the University of Auckland Epsom Campus, the MYI was drawn to a close with the ‘Lead the Way’ leadership panel event, hosted and sponsored by Deloitte, one of Teach First NZ’s founding corporate partners. Teach First NZ had the privilege of assembling a talented and accomplished panel, consisting of Sina Wendt-Moore (CEO of Leadership NZ), Patrick Snedden (Company Director and Crown Treaty negotiator), and Leon Wijohn (Partner at Deloitte), who responded to thoughtful questions from our participants on leadership with much humility and excellence.

Both of Teach First NZ’s Patrons, Dame Lesley Max and Sir John Graham, also attended the event.

The evening event, as well as the MYI, ended with a unique waiata that was composed by the 2014 cohort being sung by the participants, who then left shortly after to embrace their school holidays – a brief pause before plunging into the second half of the year.


Participants and staff in front of the beautiful Waipapa Marae


Christine Herzog, from the Treaty Resource Centre, sharing pearls of wisdom with the participants and staff.


Ngāti Whātua leaders, Clay Hawke, Wyllis Maihi and Rangimarie Rawiri, sharing their personal and iwi reflections with the group.


Mike Hughes, the Teach First NZ Partnership & Alumni Director (pictured above), and Robbie Davidson, Associate Partnership & Alumni Director (pictured below), take a session on Discursive Repositioning.


Lead the Way Panel event:

Margaret Bendall, Teach First NZ's Senior Advisor, chaired the evening. The Panelists: Leon Wijohn, Sina Wendt-Moore and Patrick Snedden.


Matt and Hannah from the 2013 Cohort thank our panelists for their contribution to the evening. 


Teach First NZ Patrons, Sir John Graham and Dame Lesley Max also attended the event.