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Important information

Important information


Salary and benefits of the programme

Teach First NZ participants are employed and paid a full-time salary by their school of employment and the Ministry of Education. Your salary will depend on the level of your highest academic qualification and any relevant education related work experience that you have. Find out what your salary will be on the programme.

Acceptance onto the Teach First NZ programme also provides participants with leadership development, ten weeks of annual holidays, coaching and mentoring to support your growth and learning, connections to top New Zealand businesses, access to an international network of participants and alumni and a full scholarship towards a postgraduate qualification.


What commitment does the programme require?

Starting in November every year, Summer Initial Intensive runs over an 8 week period from November to mid-January. The Intensive is live-in, meaning all participants will live together from Monday to Friday, with the option of staying in the accommodation over weekends. The Intensive also includes a two-week break over Christmas and New Year where you can head home for a break before the school year begins.

As our partner schools are based in Auckland, Whangarei or Northland, participants will need to be able to commit to working in the area they are placed for the two years of the programme. At this point, the majority of our partner schools are based in Auckland.


The school appointment process

Our first priority will be to place you where you can have the biggest impact on educational inequality. This may be in Auckland, Whangarei or Northland, so we encourage you to be flexible and open with your placement preferences.

Being flexible will give you the best chance possible of being placed after you’ve been selected for the program.

Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your skills and talents as well as meet your own geographic preferences and community aspirations. Through the next two years, you will continue to teach at the same secondary school you are initially placed in.


The qualification

Over the two years, participants complete coursework and ongoing professional development to both inform their teaching and to meet the requirements of a postgraduate qualification in Teaching.

This postgraduate qualification enables participants to become eligible for a provisional teacher certification and is recognised as a teaching qualification in many other countries around the world. Full course fees for the postgraduate qualification are paid for by Teach First NZ. 


Teach For All Network

Teach First NZ is part of the global Teach For All network of 42 partner organisations, working to expand educational opportunity in their own country with a model similar to ours.

Over the course of your journey, various opportunities for you to contribute on an international level will come to light. Visit Teach For All’s website for more information on our network partnerships.