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Interested in innovation, equity, or social change? Ako Mātātupu facilitates community events in the spaces where education and equality intersect. Events are open to anyone interested in our kaupapa. Come along and network with a like-minded community in order to connect, innovate and grow.

Our events

Odd Daphne

Odd Family, led by Ako Mātātupu Kairapu, Joshua Iosefo, is returning with a second season of the original community stage play Odd Daphne, which challenges traditional Pacific attitudes towards mental wellness. Check it out at Mangare Arts Centre, February 12 to 15.

"The encouragement is that more Pasifika families really start to talk about mental wellness in their homes [...] As Pasifika people we're storytellers and so the way we connect to our own is through stories [...] one way to shed light on this situation, and to help other families going through similar things, is to write a play and to show everyone the journey we go through, so that we can hopefully help those going through similar experiences."

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Odd Daphne

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