Our programme

Our programme

Teach First NZ believe that all young people in New Zealand should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their background.

You can be part of the global movement that is tackling educational inequality head on by joining the Teach First NZ Leadership Development Programme.

What does Teach First NZ do?

We work to address educational inequality in two ways:

Firstly, we recruit outstanding graduates and career changing professionals to bring their knowledge, energy and leadership into the classroom, where they can inspire young people to fulfill their full potential.

Next, these exceptional individuals join a network of leaders across all fields who are committed to addressing educational inequality. Within our alumni network we encourage our participants to reach their own potential, whether it is leadership in education or in business, government or the not-for-profit community.

Find out more about educational inequality and how Teach First NZ tackles it here.


How does the programme work?

The Teach First NZ Leadership Development programme* can be split into three stages:

Summer Initial Intensive

Starting in November each year, Summer Initial Intensive is an 8-week training programme* to prepare our participants for the two years that lie ahead. 

Two-year placement 

After the Intensive, participants are placed as teachers in a secondary school serving a low-income community for two years also while completing a postgraduate qualification in teaching. The schools our participants are placed in are based in Auckland, Northland and Whangarei. Participants are paid a full salary throughout this period.


As alumni, participants join a growing network of passionate individuals who are working in all fields to provide equal opportunities for young New Zealanders.

*The Teach First NZ programme is pending NZQA approval.

Find out more about how the programme works here.


Who do we look for?

At Teach First NZ we are looking for well-rounded, passionate individuals who meet our eligibility requirements.

Our participants come from a range of academic disciplines and backgrounds, but have one thing in common - a drive to lead change.

Find out more about who we look for here.