Develop as a leader

Develop as a leader

Nadeen Papali'i

Nadeen Papali'i

Cohort 2013, Mathematics Teacher at Tangaroa College

“Talofa, my name is Nadeen, and I teach Maths at Tangaroa College. What made me explore the Teach First NZ Programme was the leadership development opportunity. I was grateful that I could have this support and growth take place as I served my local community.”

Prior to the Teach First NZ Programme, Nadeen completed her Masters of Engineering at the University of Auckland and a was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Pacific Youth award.

The programme

Our teaching and education leadership programme provides participants with the opportunity to teach in a secondary school serving a low-income community, whilst completing a Masters qualification over two years. Find our more about the journey and beyond below.
Summer Initial Intensive

01 Summer Initial Intensive

The programme starts in November with the Summer Initial Intensive (SII), a cohesive and immersive intensive which weaves together whakawhanaungatanga, the Ako Mātātupu vision, and the Masters of Teaching and Education Leadership qualification. The aim is to provide a world-class experience which prepares you to meet the needs of your students, as well as to engage with key stakeholders.

"It’s called an intensive for a reason - it’s intense! This really kickstarts the huge growth you go through on the programme, and it's the foundation for being able to serve the young people in front of you."

02 Year 1 - Learning to Teach

After SII, you’ll begin teaching in your partner school in late January on a full salary. To accelerate your growth as a teacher, you will teach 60 percent of a full-time teaching load, receive 4 hours per week of in-school mentoring support, whilst completing ongoing study towards your Masters of Teaching and Education Leadership (MTEL) qualification.

"Teaching has taught me so much. It’s taught me how to be adaptive, how to question and how to critique, which helps me to come up with better solutions. Every day, I learn from the colleagues around me, and most of all from my students."

Year 1 - Learning to Teach
Year 2 - Learning to Lead

03 Year 2 - Learning to Lead

In your second year, the focus will be on your contribution to creating lasting social change, and will include a practice-based leadership project which you will design to uniquely serve your school community in a sustainable manner. Throughout the year you will implement this project, culminating in November with a Symposium, where you will present to all key stakeholders.

"I'm not the same person that started this programme. I've had the privilege to grow into leadership spaces, and work with the community to begin really exciting initiatives to benefit our students."

04 Graduate from the programme

After completing your two years on the programme, you will join our Kairapu Movement and continue to make social impact. The educational inequality we’re working to address is complex and ever-changing, so we support you to fight for equality in whatever way you choose. As part of the global Teach For All network, you will join over 50,000 alumni working towards equity.

“Being a part of this movement makes you realise that you’re one of many working on the front-line towards a better world for our next generation.”

Graduate from the programme

Recruitment process

The recruitment process is your chance to share your story: your experiences, achievements, and motivations for working towards social change in Aotearoa.
Apply Online
Apply Online

9th September

Our online application is your first chance to share your story. Applications close at midnight on 9th September.

Phone Interview
Phone Interview

11th - 16th September

Successful applicants will be invited to a phone interview. Interviews will take place between the 11th and 16th September.

Ako Centre
Ako Centre

21st - 26th September

The final stage of our recruitment process is a full day assessment centre. These will be held between the 21st and 26th September.

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